4 reasons you need some sports prescription glasses

If you wear prescription glasses it might seem like you could just use your normal glasses during sports. However, it can be much more useful to get some specialised sports glasses to maximise your vision on the field. Here are 4 ways that prescription glasses can be more useful than standard frames when playing sports. 

Curved lenses

When you are playing a sport, you often need to use your peripheral (side) vision as much as your standard forward vision. A straight lens, such as those on standard glasses, is great for when you are looking ahead and viewing objects ahead of you but not great at correcting sight for those side shots. Curved sports glasses lenses can help make sure you can see those passes and shots that you wouldn't be able to see with the standard glasses. 


Sports glasses have an anti-fog covering which ensures that they can still be seen through no matter how hot and sweaty you get on the field. This means you'll be able to catch those passes or see what your teammates are saying. Normal glasses tend to get foggy when you get hot and sweaty. You can even get prescription swimming goggles so you can move around the edge of the pool easily, without bumping into objects. 

Face hugging

Sports glasses usually have a tighter, face-hugging fit to keep them in place as you run and jump. Some even come with a wraparound head strap, which is extra secure. Normal glasses don't tend to as tight fighting and can often fall off if you suddenly move. 

Impact resistant

Even if you aren't playing a contact sport you can easily get an impact to the face, such as fall over or having a ball hit the face, which can result in broken glasses. While most glasses these days are made of shatterproof plastic, sports glasses tend to be even more robust and designed to absorb impact without breaking. This can leave you comfortable to make more dramatic moves, knowing that your glasses won't end up broken after a tackle or optimistic grab for a ball. 

With the great range of sports prescription glasses available, there is no need to stop playing sport just because you have to wear prescription glasses. If you are looking to get some new sports goggles then you should contact an optometrist who can help you find an ideal pair for your prescription and lifestyle. 

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