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3 Eye Problems to Expect When You’re Expecting

It’s not just your abdomen that changes when your pregnant. Your whole body can undergo changes — including your eyes. Sometimes vision problems are caused by preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, so it’s important to see your family doctor immediately if you notice any problems with your vision. However, many more causes of pregnancy vision problems […]

Tips For Getting Through Cataract Surgery

If your optometrist has found signs of cataracts, you will likely want to get them removed. This is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes and has an easy recovery period. Here are some tips for getting through the recovery quick and easy without any complications. Have Somewhere to Rest After Surgery After […]

4 reasons you need some sports prescription glasses

If you wear prescription glasses it might seem like you could just use your normal glasses during sports. However, it can be much more useful to get some specialised sports glasses to maximise your vision on the field. Here are 4 ways that prescription glasses can be more useful than standard frames when playing sports.  […]

Understanding Some Common Problems You Might Experience With Your Vision

Many people experience changes in their vision as they get older, and often wearing corrective lenses is all that’s needed to see clearly throughout the day. However, there are some other symptoms of serious vision problems or problems with the area around the eyes that you should be aware of, so you know when to […]